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Art Carvajal

— Guitar Instructor

Hello! My name is Art Carvajal. I’m a native of South Central Texas, and I have had the fortune to perform on guitar, bass and piano for over 15 years, in genres from rock, country, tejano and blues to jazz, classical and more. I studied guitar at Texas State University in San Marcos, under the tutelage of Grant Mazak and Russ Scanlon. I worked as a teacher’s assistant to Mr. Mazak on his Guitar for Non-Majors courses, helping students brand new to the guitar play their first chords and songs. I also studied the intricacies of jazz guitar under Mr. Scanlon, and had the amazing opportunity to perform (on electric bass) alongside him on a trip to Xishuangbanna, China. I love sharing the journey of learning music with my students, at any age and every skill level!