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Eddie Lehwald

— Piano Instructor

Eddie’s first steps towards a life of music were taken at the tender age of three, when he marched into the dining room and-to hear his mother tell it-announced that he needed a piano as soon as possible, and would his parents please just go out and buy one right now? Lucky for-him they did, and he hasn’t looked back since. Music is what he does best and what makes him happiest, whether it be performing for a crowd of thousands in Africa, or practicing singing harmony in the car with his dad, it is his passion and purpose in this life. His diverse musical experiences ensure that he is just as comfortable donning a tuxedo and playing in an orchestra as he is jamming with friends, or singing lead in a rock band. He loves all music equally and unabashedly-from balkan brass to gritty 60s soul and funk to ‘guilty pleasure’ 1980’s ballads. In addition to teaching, he maintains a diverse (and sometimes downright rigorous) performance schedule, playing, recording and touring with many bands in the Austin area.