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 Trumpet / Cornet & Clarinet Instructor

David Jellema

I began playing the cornet forty years ago, and the clarinet twenty-five. Inspired initially by live performers and vintage recordings, I kept my love of music alive and expanding long past perfunctory school band programs through private study, sitting in with many different traditional jazz bands, forming my own jazz groups, and performing in a variety of informal and formal music ensembles and recordings (jazz, dance band, pop, Avant-rock, baroque, gospel, choral).

My education in music came thereby through this long-term passion and the experience of participation. My professional career playing music exclusively, though, came much later in life with a move to Texas. After two years performing at Jim Cullum’s Landing in San Antonio, and forming my own band there, I explored the Austin jazz community and moved here to play among many groups that keep older vintage styles of music active.

I come from a family full of teachers and professors (English, creative writing, literature, history, and philosophy), so my instincts as a teacher are naturally somewhat ingrained. I have taught private lessons over the years with students from junior high through mature adult ages. I have also conducted sectional, ensemble, and private sessions for amateur musicians involved in Austin’s “Hot Rhythm Holiday” for three years in the recent past.