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Music Production Instructor

Richard Tandy


I am a music producer, pianist, composer, engineer, and educator from Miami, FL, and have worked in the music industry for 10+ years. I am the son of a professional jazz pianist and vocal coach, and sibling to two musicians. In 2018, I earned my Master of Science in Creative Industries from the University of Glasgow, Scotland— concentrating on music, artistic workflows, artificial intelligence, and creative entrepreneurship. Most recently, I produced singles for platinum-selling pop artists Kyle and G-Eazy, as well as work for upcoming gems such as Austin Ward, Carson, Emeryld, Innanet James, King George Eugene, Maty Noyes, Meechy Darko, Rozet, Shungudzo and Tiffany Day. My catalog includes production in genres ranging from experimental electronic to folk, country, rap, house, afrobeat, jazz, orchestral, and rock.

More than anything, I enjoy exploring the musical traditions of other cultures and have fortunately traveled to more than 20 countries to do so. As an educator, these encounters have helped heighten my awareness of students’ diverse artistic needs and desires. My primary goal is to empower each student with the skills, habits, and language to channel their experiences and expressions through music production a.k.a “sonic world-building.” Within my lessons, you can expect for me to listen to your production needs carefully and provide clear, concise, and interactive strategies to meet them. Most importantly, we’ll have fun and I’ll do my best to ensure each get-together contains both “haha” and “aha” moments.

Outside of music, I enjoy hiking, emerging technology and tirelessly attempting to become ambidextrous.

Richard Tandy Music Production Teacher at Eastside Music School