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Andy Young




Background and Education

Andy, hailing from Houston, Texas, possesses a lifelong passion for singing that began during his elementary school years. This passion eventually propelled him into his study of the voice at The University of Texas at Austin, culminating in a wealth of knowledge and experience that he now shares as a dedicated voice instructor.

His educational journey includes an Associate of Arts in music from San Jacinto Community College and then continued at UT Austin. At UT, he achieved the highest level of choral excellence as a member of the esteemed Chamber Singers. Under the mentorship of David Small, Andy studied classical voice, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Music in choral music education and a performance certificate.

Professional Singing Career

Beyond academia, Andy’s voice has graced numerous professional stages, including singing in choirs like Conspirare and Austin Cantorum. His rich bass vocals have been prominently featured as the soloist in renowned works such as Mozart’s Requiem, Fauré’s Requiem, Schubert’s Mass in G, Mozart’s Missa Brevis in C Major, and Handel’s Messiah. He was also a frequent soloist for the UT Bach Cantata Project during his time studying there.

Teaching Philosophy

Andy’s teaching philosophy is rooted in individualized instruction, tailored to each student’s unique goals and interests. His teaching extends far beyond the notes on a page and dives into the emotions behind each song you take on. He believes in fostering a fun and caring learning environment where students not only gain technical proficiency but also feel empowered to be lifelong singers.

Evidence-Based Approach

His approach is deeply rooted in evidence-based teaching. He demystifies the science behind singing and offers you a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the complicated vocal instrument. This knowledge empowers you to unlock your full voice and creative potential.

Tension-Free Singing

Tension can hinder your vocal journey and is often hard to notice in yourself. Andy specializes in helping you remove this obstacle, leading you toward a more relaxed and resonant voice.

Range Expansion Without Fatigue

He will guide you in expanding your vocal range safely, ensuring you can hit those high notes without straining or fatiguing your voice.

Seamless Register Blending

Learn the art of blending vocal registers smoothly under his instruction, empowering you to perform with fluidity and precision.

Mind-Body Connection

Andy emphasizes the mind-body connection in his teaching, enabling you to connect with the music and cultivate a keen sense of how healthy singing feels in your body. This awareness can significantly enhance your adaptability to various performance venues, ensuring consistency and confidence in your performances.

All Genres, One Goal

While his classical background is notable, a majority of his current students study contemporary music. He is passionate about helping students of all genres develop healthy singing habits and learn how to explore new singing styles. Whether your heart beats to the rhythms of pop, rock, jazz, musical theater, or classical music, he possesses the skills, experience, and knowledge to nurture your growth as a musician.