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Beginning Guitar Class

This nuts and bolts guitar class is for absolute beginners looking to learn guitar in a fun and supportive group environment



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Welcome to Beginning Guitar at Eastside Music School! This group class is open to anyone who wants to learn guitar but doesn’t know where to start. If you’ve tried youtube, learning from a book, or Googling “guitar tabs” and keep getting stuck, we have just the program for you.

In Beginning Guitar, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of guitar including: Picking, strumming, reading tabs (guitar music) playing chords and melodies, as well as (gasp!) playing in time! Each week, you’ll learn a fun and easy familiar acoustic guitar song to put your newfound skills to work.

Did you know people learn an instrument 3 to 5-times faster with lessons than by teaching themselves? Not only is it faster, but you also get structure and the real world experience that only a teacher can provide. And that leads to more fun!

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Beginning Group Guitar 

Mondays at 7pm (60 minutes)

6 weeks 4/29 – 6/3


*Students must enroll in entire series. Class meets weekly on Sundays at noon for 6 weeks. No credits or refunds will be given for missed classes.

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Meet your Instructor

Brandi Brumfield

Brandi Brumfield is a double alumna of Southeastern Louisiana University and holds a Master’s degree in Music Performance. She is primarily a guitarist who specializes in classical and fingerstyle techniques. Brandi strives to find the most effective way for each individual student to understand the language of their instrument. She demonstrates and encourages strong fundamental techniques that make playing the guitar as simple as possible.
Brandi is also a multi-instrumentalist who finds joy in interacting with any instrument she can achieve a pleasant sound from, including: synthesizers and electronic instruments, bass guitar, drums and percussion, singing, and more. Her passion lies in blending modern technology and media with the organic nature of classical music. When she isn’t teaching or practicing music, she enjoys spending quality time with her pets, and is often attending live music shows.

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