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Voice teacher

Dr. Do Kyum Kim


Dr. Do Kyum Kim is tenor with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience, studying both in Korea and The United States. Along the way, he has earned a Master’s Degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and a Doctoral Degree in Vocal Performance from The University of Texas at Austin, where he was awarded the Butler School of Music Scholarship, COFA Scholarship, and Butler Opera Center Scholarship during his tenure in Austin. He completed the Summer Program of Classical Music Institute & Opera San Antonio where he played the role of Piquillo from “La Périchole” by J. Offenbach at Fava Opera. In the 23-24 season, He held a leading role, Seikyo, in Tandun’s opera Tea: Mirror of Soul at the Butler Opera Center, where he also gave a lecture recital on the vocal pedagogy history. In addition to teaching voice at Eastside Music School, he currently serves as a conductor in a church and choir. Dr. Kim has over a decade of experience teaching both young students as well as adults.

Dr. Kim’s extensive knowledge and experience give him a unique perspective with which he guides each student on their musical journey. While he does not believe he personally has an innate musical ability, he has trained tirelessly using various methodological approaches which have become a huge asset, both as a teacher and a performer. While not everyone may possess an innate musical sense, Dr. Kim believes everyone can learn to sing beautifully and he is especially excited to work with students who feel they are not “musically gifted”. As a teacher, Dr. Kim tailors his approach to his student’s needs, and he feels great joy when people who truly love music understand with their bodies and change their voice. Many people have experienced great and successful changes through his teaching, and when you learn from him, you will learn how to make the right sound and ultimately have the ability to freely express music.