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studio For Hire

Our Bread and Butter. From hourly rates up through entire project quotes, our engineers will focus on helping you get the sound you’re after.

Custom Music

Electro-pop banger?  Lush orchestral arrangement?, No problem. We have a versatile team of staff composers ready to get to work. 

Voice Over / ADR

Our studio was built for voice over work.  Our engineer, top quality gear and acoustically designed vocal booth ensure a smooth session every time.

Sound Design

Need sound effects or foley for your next film? Let us dial in the perfect sonic bed to compliment your footage.


Record your next Podcast in an inspiring, acoustically tuned studio. Elevate your Podcast by recording in our professional studio..

5.1 Mix

From quick stereo mixes up through involved 5.1 Mixing, our speakers and space will ensure your audience hears exactly what you want.


Our Music Magicians

Meet the team

Austin Sisler
Austin Sisler

Chief Engineer | Producer | Guitarist | Lover of iced coffee & tubes.<br />

 “Growing up on cassette tapes and CDs of Def Leppard and Boston, I found a love for music through my father’s eclectic 70s and 80s rock collection. I chased music early, learning guitar and piano at the age of 12 and playing with several bands in high school. But once I set foot in a recording studio, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! After graduating from the Sound Recording Program at Texas State University, I teamed up with Alex Ballentine in Austin, TX to rebrand and reopen Eastside Music Studios. At EMS, I love to take sounds and push them to their sonic limit. Whether it’s re-amping drums through guitar pedals or just throwing a vocal through an Altoids mini-guitar amp (yes, like the breath mints), I want to explore new and unique sounds with passionate and creatives alike.”

Alex Ballentine
Alex Ballentine


Our studio musicians are available to help you build your sound between the sweetest beats, killer guitar solos, and memorable melodies – we’ve got you covered!

Sam graf
Sam graf

Studio Drummer

The perfect tools to build your sound…

Gear List

Princeton Reverb ‘68 reissue

Savage Audio “Macht 12”

Vox AC15

Fender Blues jr

Fender Hot Rod Deville


UA 1176LN

Daking Stereo FET III Compressor/Limiter

Rupert Neve Designs 5043 Portico Dual Compressor

Stam SA4000 Buss Compressor

Vintage 61’ ROA Compressor (Dept of Commerce)

(2) Distressor EL8X-S

Warm Audio WA-76

FMR RNC 1773

Tube-Tech PE-1C

Kush Audio Electra ETE

Manley Stereo “Pultec” EQ

dbx 520 De-Esser

Standard Audio Level-or

(2) API 550b EQs

Gibson 335

Gibson Melody Maker

Fender American Std Stratocaster

Martin D-28

Taylor Custom Guitars

Waterloo Jumbo King

Vintage Fender Rhoads MK 1

Dave Smith Prophet ’08

Moog Minimoog Voyager XL

Moog Sub Phatty

Roland Vocoder VP-03

Korg MS-20 Mini

(2) Coles 4038 Stereo Matched Ribbons


AEA KU5A Ribbon

Vanguard V13 Tube

AKG 214 Stereo Matched Set

Peluso CEMC-6 Stereo Matched Set

Telefunken M81 Dynamic

(3) Sm57


Sennheiser 421

Sennheiser e902

AKG D112


Rhode NT5 Stereo Matched Set

Rhode NTK Tube

(2) Audio Technica AT4050 

Focal Shape Twins

Yamaha NS-10M

-Powered by Bryston 4B SST Power Amp

Avatone Mixcubes

(2) Rupert Neve Designs 511 pre

(2) BAE 1073MP

(4) API 312

(2) SSL XR621


(2) Vintage Ampex Tape Pres

(2) Vintage SA-134 Gates Pres

Warm Audio WA12

Roland Space Echo RE-201

Lexicon PCM92

Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb

Yamaha SPX-90

Sony DPS-V55

Demeter Spring “Real Reverb”

Pro Tools HD 2019

Logic Pro X

Lynx Aurora (n) 16 AD/DA

Apple Mac Pro 2.4 Ghz Quad Core

64 gigs RAM, High Sierra Operating

REVOX A77 mkIII Stereo Tape Machine

…And The perfect Space to Do it

The Studio

Situated in a wood adorned historic building in Downtown Austin, Eastside Music Studios was meticulously crafted for the Recording Artist seeking to elevate their sound.  Our acoustically designed rooms, professional sound engineers, vintage analog gear and modern digital processing  ensure a premium experience for our clientele. 

We have 3 dedicated tracking rooms plus a lounge. Studio A is our flagship room, large enough for drum tracking or to accommodate a live band. Studio B is our iso-booth, perfectly tailored for high quality vocal work, and our “Gershwin Room” is home to our Steinway baby grand piano.   

Located just east of downtown, you’ll find plenty of dining options for those all day studio sessions.

Who we’re working with


Jamey Cummins

Jamey Cummins has been living and working as a professional musician in Austin for the better part of the last decade playing everything from vintage jazz/swing to avant rock.

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor is a singer/songwriter based in Austin, Texas.  From blues, pop, rock, and country influences Kevin writes songs that are honest and thoughtful. 


CAILEY writes an easy-listening blend of contemporary pop/rock, with an homage to country roots, and no creative stone left unturned with mystical elements of synth and electronic fills.

Cat Clemons III

You’ve never heard anyone quite like Cat Clemons. From infectious funk grooves through jazz guitar wizardry, Cat is a musical force!

Aaron Stephens

Backed by his four-piece band and brimming with easygoing grooves, “Focus” highlights Stephens’ uncanny songwriting chops, rhythmic guitar playing and soulful voice.





Creating a Professional Podcast doesn’t need to be hard. Whether you need a little editing and “audio sweetening”, or you’re looking for a professional facility to record and produce your content, Eastside Music will partner with you to create your stunning Podcast. We can even help get your material hosted and submitted to all major platforms including Spotify and iTunes.

To demonstrate our capabilities, we created our very own Eastside Podcast, Hosted by Studio owners Alex Ballentine and Austin Sisler and featuring interviews with up and coming artists about the creative process and the state of the industry for musicians today. Give us a listen! 


Looking for Custom Music for your next film or television project? We’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team of composers and music producers will work with you to create the perfect “music bed” to help tell your story. 

Need a quick turnaround or working with a limited budget? No problem. We have a library of  pre-recorded tracks available for royalty-free licensing. View our work below and contact us to discuss your needs.


Ready to Get to Work?

We’re excited to work with focused musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and ad agencies who want to do good work. If this sounds like you, contact us to discuss your next project.

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